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Employment Opportunities: Understanding the Job Postings

Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with the terminology commonly used in the description of each job posting.  

Job Families

Full-time administrative positions (principal, assistant principal, director, assistant director, executive director, coordinator)

Full-time instructional positions (teacher, occupational therapist, social worker, guidance counselor, school psychologist, JROTC instructor, speech pathologist) and all supplemental positions

Non Instructional/ Non Administrative (Support):
Full or part-time non-instructional, support positions (secretary, food service worker, custodian, bus driver, mechanic, etc.)

Casual Employee (Hourly):
Part-time, temporary positions (adult education instructors, athletic coaches)

Position Status

The position is currently open and applications are being accepted.

The position was previously advertised and the application deadline has been extended.

Job Opening Dates

Open Date:
The date the position was posted and open for applications. Typically job postings begin on Monday morning and close on Friday evening.

Close Date:
The date the position closes and the deadline for application submission. Typically jobs are posted for 5 consecutive business days and close on Friday @ 11:59 pm.


Open-End Position:

  • Serves as a replacement for a regular teacher or in a position until a regular teacher is employed
  • Fulfills all certification responsibilities
  • Serves on an at-will basis. Open-end teachers employment may be terminated at any time without prior notice and with/ without cause
  • Abides by all applicable state and federal laws and Board policies
  • Not entitled to employee benefits

Temporary Position (Support):

  • Serves as a replacement due to absence of a regular employee or in a position until a regular employee is hired. Not entitled to employee benefits

Supplemental Position:

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General Disclaimers
The School District of Lee County is an equal opportunity employer and prohibits discrimination on the basis of gender, race, color, age, religion, national origin, marital status, or disability in its educational programs, activities, or employment policies.

The School District of Lee County is committed to protecting the privacy of students and employees as well as other individuals associated with the District.  At times the District may ask you for your Social Security number.  Federal and state law requires the collection of your Social Security number for certain purposes such as those related to employment, contracted services and financial aid.  The District is working to minimize the use of Social Security numbers within its business processes.  The Social Security number will not be disclosed to individuals or agencies outside the District except as allowed by law or with permission from the individual.